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Malique Richards

Recruitment and Candidate Liaison Administrator - HR Apprenticeship

As the newest HR apprentice, my position is all about learning each day on the job as I support the recruitment process here for the team at Nova and build on my knowledge of HR in Cayman.

Each day, I interact and work with individuals to help them achieve their career goals and find work they too love. I’m learning a lot; all the little puzzle pieces are slowly coming together – at least I think so!

We’ve got a great team, it’s fun, the work is fulfilling, and I get to spend my time interacting with some of the loveliest folk out there, both in the company and community. On top of that, when I think it doesn’t get better, would you believe we have a pro-meme environment? Truly, I was meant to thrive here.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

I had a long internal struggle between becoming a pilot or a fry-cook like my hero Spongebob. Luckily neither of those panned out.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I often think about the embarrassment that I would face if someone I knew were to see my music playlist. They must never know.

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