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As Nova’s HR Apprentice for the last two years, I have grown personally and professionally. But there is no universe where I would have envisioned myself studying voluntarily. Surprisingly, the overall experience has been good for me, and upskilling is something I’m going to convince myself to do every year going forward.   I can say with utmost confidence this would never have even been a consideration had I not started this apprenticeship.

Top-Secret Projects

I’m pleased with how much I’ve grown thus far. I’ve been lucky enough to have been assigned essential roles on projects, helped organize work events, and now actively use spreadsheets to keep track of all my current projects. I’ve even gained experience that I am proud of by working with the HR team on top-secret client projects. There’s still so much I need to learn, but this is easily the most organized I’ve ever been, which is beneficial at home and the workplace. I’ve had the privilege of sitting in on several meetings, where at this point, I can convince clients, candidates, and colleagues that I’m not only following along but able to contribute intelligently to the discussions.

Networking at a Golf Tournament

My work on the Social Committee, paired with the work environment and culture, have also pulled my personal and career interests in directions I would never have thought possible. Over the last year, I’ve practiced yoga (or, as I used to refer to it, ‘New Wave Stretching’) at the same time as my colleagues (not with them, that’s another story). I recently helped with our corporate golf tournament, which surprisingly was a good time, and I’m now looking into lessons. Previously I regarded golf as perhaps one of the dullest pastimes, but I see it now as a great way to network.

HR and Recruitment Foundation Firmly Grasped

Over the past two years, we have seen society go through pandemics, war, and eternal inflation with no sign of slowing down. For myself, though, my two years as the Nova HR Apprentice has left me feeling accomplished. I greatly admire and respect my colleagues (and, dare I say, friends), and I enjoy my position immensely. With an HR and recruitment foundation firmly grasped and as I plan my future, I am fortunate to develop my career goals within a great team at Nova

Malique Richardsis the current Tomorrow’s HR Talent Apprentice, working with the Nova Recruitment team during a 2-year rotational program. Throughout his apprenticeship, he learns all there is to know about HR & Recruitment here in Cayman.  




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