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Tynisha is our 2018 Nova ‘Love Your Future’ Scholarship recipient – she is currently studying Web Design & Development at the University of North Hampton and has just finished her first year of study. Read about her favourite moments so far on her learning journey!

When I first decided that I would be studying abroad, I was both excited and a bit worried about what to expect. I applied for a number of scholarships and once I  found out I had received the scholarship from Nova, things started to get real extremely fast and next thing I knew I was leaving! As the date for me to leave drew closer, I started to feel even more anxious, and a bit scared knowing that I couldn’t back out of my decision. Despite having those last-minute feelings of uncertainty, after I arrived in England, my doubts and fears just seemed to disappear instantly. From the moment I stepped foot on to my university, all I’ve felt is pure excitement to start my studies in a new country!

Best Part of Going to University Abroad:

  1. Learning new things — This really makes the whole university experience even more fulfilling, there’s always something new to learn and experience both inside and outside of my classes!
  2. Freedom – I love the freedom and independence that comes with being abroad! I feel as if I am in my own little world and managing my time is a lot simpler now. Being away has significantly reduced the distractions that I would typically face, so now I have the ability to really hone in on my work and develop my passions.
  3. The ability to travel – The last thing that I think is worth mentioning is the fact that there is so much history and so much to see and learn, not just in the city I’m studying in, but the rest of the country and Europe as well! It’s thrilling to know that I can just hop on a coach or train and be in a different city!

Biggest Learning Points:

  1. Public transport – Since arriving in England, one of my biggest learning moments would be learning to get around and using the transport system. I’ve had to get familiar with using trains, buses, taxi services— which was a little frightening at first because I was paranoid about getting lost all the time!
  2. Choosing your friends wisely – During my time at University, I have also come to learn that not all students have the same priorities as you when it comes to grades, etc. so choosing whom you associate with or work with is very critical for your success.

Overall continuing my studies abroad has been a great decision and a fantastic experience! I thank Nova for assisting me on this journey by awarding me my scholarship and wish the best of luck to any young Caymanians that have chosen to pursue their dreams!

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