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With the help of this blog, we can show you how to stay positive and create your feedback folder. It can be challenging to stay upbeat after another year, overwhelmed with news of the continuing pandemic. As we look forward to a constructive start to the new year, it’s a time to reflect on the past twelve months and remember your career accomplishments.    

But are you someone who struggles to remember what you have achieved? Do you sometimes feel like you suffer from imposter syndrome and lack confidence in some of the work you do? If that’s the case, it’s time to create your very own ‘You are Freaking Fabulous’ feedback folder so that confidence can be found at the click of a button and remind you just how great you are.

What is a Feedback Folder?

A ‘Freaking Fabulous’ folder, I hear you ask. What is it? It’s your feedback file—an opportunity to collect and store gratitude you have received across your professional career. Somewhere you can go on a day when you need to reaffirm your skills and confidence after a bout of imposter syndrome. A place to remind you of wins!

After navigating a challenging day, your folder is a source of encouragement, received as feedback from your boss, colleagues, clients, and other professionals. Revisiting these positive experiences (and constructive criticisms) will boost your confidence, help you practice self-care and motivate you to achieve new goals in the future. 

Don’t think you will be the only one with this treasure trove; other professionals, leaders and your peers are all collecting their feedback to add to their folders! Search on LinkedIn or other social media platforms, and you will find others that have their version of the ‘Freaking Fabulous’ folder. Your folder is an excellent tool to reflect on great experiences and re-live those crucial accolades.

Need to re-focus after dealing with an unappreciative client or colleague? Reach out for your feedback folder to help you move forward after an unexpected confrontation. Home in on your talents and feel empowered by the stellar praise you have gathered, turning a negative situation into a positive one.

How to Create your Feedback Folder

Here’s the how-to! Go back through correspondence, which of course, we now receive in so many different formats and look for praise, kind words and any constructive criticism. Here’s a list to start you off on where to look: 

  • Email
  • Chat (Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.)
  • Performance reviews
  • Customer reviews
  • Other notes
  • Projects you’ve completed that you’re particularly proud of

Decide on a name for your folder. You are more than welcome to use our ‘Freaking Fabulous’ folder, but here are a few more suggestions:

  • You are a Star
  • Pep Talk
  • Atta Girl (or Boy)
  • Brag File
  • Praise for Me

Or pick a title you found in your research for your folder, perhaps a comment or compliment from someone that stuck with you.

The Place for Positive Reinforcement

When you come across feedback, take a screenshot, and save it to your folder. If you received positive reinforcement verbally, type it up and add it. It is that simple to create a place you can go for a positive boost and remind yourself that you add value through your work and the person you are. Now you have your feedback folder, write a note for someone else’s!

If the new year has you thinking about a career move and curious about future opportunities, feel free to reach out to our Nova Team today at





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