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It’s so vital to research your potential future employer before you even apply for them! You need to find out what the company is like and the type of work they do.  Then you ca build a picture of the company and have an idea whether it’s the type of place you could see yourself working at.  Here are some tips on what information to find out and where you might get it.

A great place to start is their website. Here you’ll get information about their products and services. Have a deeper look through the site in sections like the ‘About us’ and this will give you a good insight into size of the business and company values.  Make sure you look at the careers site/pages too.  A good careers site will give you a good insight into working at the company.  There will normally be profiles of people who work there, the types of work they do and what they like about the company.

Another great way of researching a company is looking at their social media profiles.  By going on their Facebook or Instagram page, you’ll soon get a good idea of the company culture, their social events and corporate social responsibility.  Quite often you can also go on their LinkedIn page to get a more professional view of the company.  Glassdoor is also invaluable as it offers reviews and peoples ratings of the company as an employer.

To get an idea of high-level developments at the company you should google the company and check out the news pages to see what’s going. This will give you valuable information about the company, like are they performing well, have they recently merged or what new services and products they have launched. This gives a great insight into the future of the business.

If you have applied through a Recruitment Consultant they can tell you a lot of great information about the role and company.  For example, they will have a good insight into why the role has become available, what the team is like and the kind of person and qualifications the company is looking for. Ask as many questions as you like and probe them as much as possible – they want to help you find the right role!

If you do get to interview, when you arrive try to take in as much information as possible. What’s the office like?  What are people wearing?  Is it open plan?  Are people sat in silence or talking? And remember when you interview that it is a two-way process.  At the end of the interview, ask the questions about what you want to know about the company.

No matter what your research shows, have a balanced view. All that matters is finding a job that you want, so all you need to keep in mind is what’s important to you in your future employer.

Tiana King is a recruitment professional and interview expert.


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