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The Neat Freak enjoys taking control of a situation and organising the people, as well as everything else around them. They are hardworking and dedicated to getting things done in a systematic and methodical way to match their high standards. Seen as the epitome of a traditionally good person – people often look up to them and go to them for guidance and they really enjoy this. They love to get involved in community projects and lead in events that supports their values.

At work they are the organiser, whether it’s people, projects or operations. They are the ultimate project manager. Often, they steer towards management positions where they can take control of situations, make decisions and bring order to what they are doing. In the workplace they are reliable and always trusted to deliver on time and within budget. They love to work in a structured environment.

In a team they are assertive and like to take charge and bring order to the team. They will be decisive and implement structures and processes quickly. They will come up with project plans outlining time frames and what is expected when – and they won’t want anyone to stray from this. Their communication with their colleagues will be direct and to the point. Other key traits they will bring to a team is a lot of hard work, focus and productivity to achieve the team’s goals. They can also be very task focused and want to get on with things.

In leadership roles they want to make sure that their high standards are met.  This means ensuring things are done consistently, correctly and that procedures are followed. Their communication of expectations to their team will be clear – and each person will know exactly how, what and when they need to do it by. They tend to rely on past experience to find ways to do things and trust and implement hierarchal structures.

Common Traits:

  • Organised
  • Leader
  • Responsible
  • Hardworking

Most suited career for the Neat Freak is a Project Manager.

Other good career matches and industries are:

  • Hospitality Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Auditor
  • Sales Manager
  • Office Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Chef
  • Property Manager

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This blog is based on Myers Briggs Type Indicator theory.


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