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The Responsible One is a good-hearted person who is extremely generous, especially towards the local community. With this generosity, they are also very kind, warm and sensitive to other’s needs. As natural carers, they love to look after others and take care of their friends and family.

At work they want to help others and are motivated to do so in a practical way. Extremely hard working with strong attention to detail – they also like to take great responsibility for their work going above and beyond to meet expectations. With their caring and generous nature, they focus on careers in nurturing environments.

In a team, The Responsible One acts as the support for the team, looking after everyone around them. They are sensitive to their team members needs and work in a collaborative manner. They like to follow systems, processes and rules, which helps with them with reach their high standards using their strong attention to detail.

Often they shy away from a leadership role as they prefer to support others. As leaders though they really look after their team. This ability to support and put the team first makes them great at building relationships and team morale. As leaders, they tend to find practical solutions and their team will be expected to follow strict processes to meet the team goals.

Common traits:

  • Responsible
  • Generous
  • Caring
  • Hard working
  • Reliable

Most suited career for The Responsible One is a Teacher.

Other good career matches and industries are:

  • Office and Administrative Support
  • Social services
  • Health Care
  • Charity/Third Sector

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This blog is based on Myers Briggs Type Indicator theory.


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