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Fun filled and the centre of attention – The Socialite loves life and socialising. They are spontaneous, living for today, and know how to have a good time. Always warm, generous, positive and with great interpersonal skills, they are fantastic at connecting with people. Their enthusiasm and positivity rubs off on those around them lighting up social groups. Surprisingly, for all their fun, they are very practical and realistic too but they take things as they come.

At work, they want to be at the centre of everything and really enjoy social work environments where they can have fun. Put simply they love socialising and see team work as an excuse to chat and engage with others. Their enthusiasm really rubs off on others too! This means they are good at listening and facilitating team work. Using their social skills, they see the talents of others and where they can fit into projects and teams.

They also enjoy serving others and solving practical people focused challenges in roles with tangible results. As they are focused on the here and now, they enjoy getting through the work that is in front of them.

As leaders they are fun and enthusiastic, always encouraging their teams. They can really motivate through excitement and the natural energy they bring. They are good at recognising the behaviours in their teams and working out what is needed to get the best out of each person. Also, they connect and build strong relationships with team members. Their leadership style is to focus on the present, so are good at getting teams to work through what is in front of them in a pragmatic way.

Common Traits:

  • Social
  • Fun
  • Generous
  • Enthusiastic
  • Practical

Most suited career for The Socialite is in the hospitality industry.

Other good career matches and industries are:

  • Account Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Recruitment Officer
  • HR Executive

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This blog is based on Myers Briggs Type Indicator theory.


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