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The Superhero is an energetic doer who loves fixing problems. They evaluate situations quickly and leap to respond and fix things with practical solutions. Energy and action are their forte. This is also true of them socially, where they are life and sole of the party with a good sense of humor and playful attitude.

At work The Superhero is very practical and finds logical solutions to problems. They understand the reality of a situation and the resources they have to solve the problem. Seeing the facts they can quickly find the solution. With their tactile approach, they are very practical and hands on with their work. Leaning on their past experience, they find the best solution to the situation they face. As they are active they enjoy using their energy at work and like adventurous roles.

In a team they are dynamic and enthusiastic team members who love to work through solutions. When problems arise, especially in a crisis, they become extremely engaged. They have a calm head and it makes them good at fixing things using available resources. This is how they take on work, dealing with what comes at them, which makes them very flexible and spontaneous, finding solutions as they go along.

As leaders they enjoy taking charge. They tend to enjoy approaching work with spontaneity and face things as they come up. Using their enthusiastic personality, and super skills they energise their teams and are great at persuading others to their points of view. The culture of their teams can be fun too, however, they are assertive and will be quick to make their point of view known.

Common traits:

  • Energetic
  • Active
  • Tactile
  • Results Driven
  • Perceptive

Most suited industry for The Superhero is in the emergency services.

Other good career matches and industries are:

  • Construction Manager
  • Military
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Property Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Chef

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This blog is based on Myers Briggs Type Indicator theory.


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