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According to the experts, upskilling is one of the most urgent challenges the workforce faces in its future. By learning new skills, workers can future-proof themselves against workforce changes, especially with more talk of automation on the horizon. The workplace is rapidly changing, and upskilling is curbing the fear that workers’ jobs will become obsolete.

The World Economic Forum states: that upskilling is crucial to the post-Covid economic recovery; it could boost global GDP by over $6 trillion and create 5.3 million new jobs by 2030.

New Technologies and Automations are on the rise

Before the pandemic, we could not anticipate how dramatically the world would change over the last two years. How we work, live, and think about the future has drastically changed. Before Covid-19, the rise of new technologies and automation increased within the global job market. Now, with a re-emerging workforce, it has highlighted the urgent need for upskilling and reskilling in the workplace. 

There is a clear message that with a rapidly changing workforce, we need new skills. But what is upskilling? Many current employees, or even those returning to work, don’t know what it means or how to upskill themselves.

Anyone can upskill – Help is out there

Awareness of what you need to do is one of the most significant barriers, but fortunately, anyone can upskill, and there are plenty of resources to help once you know where to start.

Ultimately you want to be a more effective worker and stay relevant and competitive in your industry. With upskilling, there is potential to get noticed for more recognition or position yourself for better opportunities.

Jobs are changing fast, even if you are not changing position. Simple examples of upskilling can be learning a new skill in a program that you use every day, like Excel or practising tips on how to have an effective performance conversation with your manager. These simple examples of upskilling can help you be more productive in your role and set you up for possible promotion. 

Hard Skills & Soft Skills – what’s the difference?

There have been lots written about hard skills versus soft skills. As a reminder:

Hard skills refer to job-related knowledge and abilities you need to perform your duties effectively. Soft skills are personal qualities that help employees thrive in the workplace.

Upskilling your hard skills can be learning how to use new software or basic graphic design. Soft skills can include practising your listening skills and giving and accepting constructive criticism.   Upskilling can be anything that would benefit your current role, boost your resume, and generally help you do your job better and further your career progression.

There are some great resources to help you on your upskilling journey:

  • Connect by Nova – our sister non-profit, assisting the Cayman Islands to achieve career success through career guidance and training services
  • 47 Free Online Classes to Improve Your Career (and they are FREE)
  • Skillshare – thousands of creative courses taught by experts to help you learn new skills
  • Coursera – advance your career with more than 5000 courses, certificates, and degrees
  • Udemy – learning marketplace with over 150,000 courses
  • LinkedIn Learning – Learn in-demand skills with over 16,000 online courses taught by real-world professionals

Try and get ahead of the curve

Remember to think about what skills are essential in your sector. Take a step back and read about what’s happening in the wider industry. If you are in marketing or media, check out new apps, social media platforms, and how consumer trends are emerging. HR Professionals could look at becoming competent in a new, in-demand information system. And lastly, say you work in oil and gas, taking a course on green energy, electric vehicles, or emerging technologies could benefit your future career.

Upskilling shows that you are invested in your job and are looking for a better future; It will help you get ahead and find passion in your work. The world is changing around us at a quickening rate. Re-motivate yourself and start upskilling today!

Our professional recruiters at Nova Recruitment can review your resume and with assistance from our career partners at Connect by Nova may be able to help you identify areas for upskilling that would benefit your career search or growth. Contact Nova at for more information.








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