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Rosie Ryan

Recruitment Consultant

The core of my job is matching candidates to suitable opportunities by assessing professional experience and understanding individual goals and expectations. I also take the time to learn about client needs – from job duties to team environment and organizational culture – this is to ensure a long-term perfect fit on both sides!

I started my career in HR almost 5 years ago which is what initially brought me to Cayman as I joined Nova’s sister company CML for 2.5 years recruiting accounting professionals and have been with Nova ever since. I love working with the Nova team because there is constant admiration during the good times and genuine support for each other when things might get a little challenging. We’re like a family!

Why do you love your work?
The ability to witness someone flourish and grow professionally and knowing you were a part of that makes this job so rewarding!

If you were an animal, what would you be?
I once took a BuzzFeed quiz that told me I most identify with the sloth (and that my rap name is Sir Naps-a-Lot).

What is your superpower?
The ability to stay calm when things get crazy. Also, I’m pretty good at detecting when it’s appropriate to use memes across most forms of written communication (pro tip: it’s all the time).

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