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As a college graduate, you likely aspire to find your dream job now that you have finished schooling, but many find it’s not as easy as they had hoped. Let us give you a piece of advice you may not have considered!

While the college you studied at and the degree you gained looks great on your application, we have to be honest with you; finding the perfect job out of college may not be as easy as you’d like it to be. Or you may be lucky and find something straight away; it really depends on your skills and the demand of the market at the time you’re looking!

So, if you are a recent college graduate and you’re looking to get into the working world, what can you do to start your career off? One of the things I’d recommend is considering temporary work (sometimes also known as a contract job). We’ve spoken about the general advantages of accepting temporary work before, but in this blog, we’ll specifically talk through the advantages to college graduates.

The Benefits of Temporary Work as a College Graduate

A Great Transition Opportunity

If you are new to working, temporary work can be a great transition into the working world. As a newbie, accepting a contract job can also help you better perceive how your chosen career will run daily. This you will gain a better understanding of whether it is or is not the right path for you.

To all employers and hiring managers, having the right experience and knowledge is key. By accepting a temporary placement, you will gain experience using many tools that are commonplace in your study of interest. You can learn anything from specific niche software programs to key communication skills and how to engage in office banter.

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Practical Knowledge

A good university professor and challenging courses can teach you to become an amateur expert in your chosen industry. However, university knowledge, until you get out into the working world, may not compare to businesses’ nitty-gritty, day-to-day operations. By temping, you get a practical lesson in how your chosen job is done on the ground – rather than how it is perceived and taught.

True, the tasks you get as a temp might not be as challenging as in a full-time role, but when you put your mind to it, there is usually room to take on some more challenges. Taking on these tasks gives you something University couldn’t do; it gives you an elevated perspective on the career of your choice. After, you can self-assess – “Is this the career truly right for me?”

Learning to Work in a Working Environment

Life in an organization filled with busy people trying to get things done whilst managing and supporting one another is a unique experience. Being exposed to a well-oiled environment should only be appreciated. You can undoubtedly learn many things by working alongside people already in your chosen career, such as office procedures, effective methods of organization, working effectively in a large team and other key soft skills. Environments like this are usually foreign to new graduates, but it allows them to form invaluable skills you wouldn’t have learned in college.

One Foot in the Door

Temporary work is also a great way to get your foot in the door. While you may only start off on a temporary contract, there are sometimes opportunities for those contracts to be extended, or hiring managers may realize there’s actually a need for someone in that role on a permanent basis. If you can show your value, work hard and that you integrate seamlessly into their team, then they are more likely to hire you who they already know than have to go through a formal recruitment process to fill the role.

Are you a college graduate looking for a foot in the door? Nova Recruitment works with many employers on temporary contracts and can help you kickstart your career. Please get in touch with us at for more information. 


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