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A first-hand look at what it’s like to work as the HR Apprentice with Nova!

As our current HR Apprentice here at Nova, Hannah, wraps up her 24-month apprenticeship program, she has put pen to paper to show you what it’s like day-to-day so you can see if being the next HR Apprentice might be the job for you! For more information about the HR Apprenticeship program and how to apply, check it out here.

1. Can you give me a brief description of what your role entails?

First and foremost, I am the first point of contact for the Nova Team. Some of my tasks include screening incoming candidates, conducting candidate meetings/calls, offering career advice, and ensuring all of our live jobs are posted to the Nova site.

Outside of my day-to-day responsibilities, each week, I also work across CML’s immigration and HR consulting teams on different projects, helping to round out my HR experience during my apprenticeship!

2. What is your favorite element of your job?

Now, this is a hard question; I love every aspect of my role!! However, my favorite part about my job is the collaboration within the Nova Team and how we all support each other and offer creative feedback.

3. What helps to keep you motivated each day?

I go to work every day knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s career journey.

4. Who do you communicate with most regularly both inside and outside your organization?

Every day there are different projects and teams I could be working with, and that is the beauty of being the HR Apprentice. You get to work alongside so many leading industry professionals, whether that be in immigration, HR consulting, or recruitment.

But to answer the question, most of my days, I communicate with the Nova Team and our beloved candidates!

5. Since you first started, what do you think has been your biggest challenge?

I think the most significant learning curve is understanding that every day in a recruitment office is ‘busy season’ and there will always be work to do. As the HR Apprentice, you are the glue to the rest of the Nova Team, and they depend on you to stay organized and prioritize tasks all without breaking a sweat 😉

Adaptable, dependable, and precise!

6. What advice would you give someone who is seeking the same line of work?

Flexibility is key! My advice would be to maintain an open mind and be able to adapt and not think any request is too big or too small. You never know who is going to notice your work and remember, no task is beneath you!!

Read more about the employee value curve here.

7. How did your past experience and/or education prepare you for this role?

I think my love for organization has helped me excel in this role. I understand the necessity for ensuring top-notch customer service for a great candidate experience while managing multiple projects and being the go-to person for the Recruitment Consultants.

8. What is your proudest accomplishment through work?

Oh, this would have to be getting my aPHR certification – all while working full-time at Nova and becoming a new mom!! Nova supported me in pursuing my qualification as part of the apprenticeship program, and it has been invaluable in boosting my career.

Read more about my journey to my aPHR certification here.

9. Where do you think this industry is headed next?

The HR and recruitment industries are always evolving, and I expect this to continue for the foreseeable future in the wake of the global pandemic. With the rise of working from home and a shift in unemployment, recruitment strategy and strategic HR planning will need to be more agile than ever.

On the candidate side, now more than ever, we are seeing companies focus on pinpointing talent with desirable soft skills such as being adaptable and self-accountability rather than a hyper-focus on specific technical skills.

10. What is your company culture like?

Working at Nova, we meet with people every day who are looking for that ‘dream team’ to join, and I can honestly say, that team is Nova. We’re a vibrant, fun and modern team that truly enjoy what we do, and it shows every day 😊

Laughter is a backbone of our team meetings, GIFs are used religiously in our chats, and chocolate is consumed in copious amounts. What’s not to love?


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