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Recruitment testing can be nerve-wracking – here are some tips to help calm those nerves so you can shine!

Testing is quite normal in the recruitment process but you’d be hard-pressed to find many people that enjoy taking tests. For some of us, anxiety kicks in and there’s a fear of failure. For others, tests feel limiting… putting us in a box that doesn’t reflect our true abilities. Maybe we’re just too busy to complete yet another to-do. But the reality is, tests are built in to so many parts of our lives, and are almost always attached to consequences. The trick in overcoming your nerves when taking an assessment may be to change how you interpret those consequences. Here are some ways you can switch your thinking:

Fear:                I might score poorly

Solution:          That’s okay

It’s always a good thing to learn about and accept your weaknesses, because you become empowered to develop and grow. Top candidates are very conscientious about their abilities and are constantly aiming to improve. Nova will review your test scores as a baseline of your skills, as opposed to using them as a tool to eliminate you from a shortlist. We can also introduce you to trainings that help you improve your scores and your chances for a job!

Fear:                People might judge me

Solution:        That’s okay too

In cases where Nova sends your test results to clients, you win whether they progress or decline you. A rejection because of a test score could mean that the potential employer has made assumptions about your abilities. If their assumptions are accurate i.e. you don’t have the skills for the job, then (you must admit) it’s fair that they haven’t chosen you. And it’s okay, because taking on a job that you don’t have the skills for will set you up for failure. If the employer’s assumptions about your test score is inaccurate, you may have dodged a bullet by being turned down. Top employers know how to qualify test results and make a judgement call about whether your low score really matters.

Fear:                Tests scores put me in a box

Solution:         Talk it through

A test score doesn’t put you in a box, so much as it opens a door to a conversation. Sometimes that conversation involves genuine learning needs, or sometimes it involves figuring out what the test didn’t measure. Either way, a test only limits you if you don’t have the ability to accept what is valid about it and put it into context when speaking to your consultant or your potential future employer.

Fear:                I don’t have time to take this test

Solution:        Accept that you’re making a choice

You’re right, we all only have a limited amount of time in our day. But how we use that time is up to us! Communication is also key here. Confirm with your consultant whether there is a deadline on any tests you receive, and why or why not you cannot meet that deadline. By not making time to take tests, you are making the choice to push your job search down the list of your priorities!

So go ahead! Take those tests with confidence that no matter the outcome, you can still pursue your goals. Tests tell us how to move forward, they don’t take us a step back.


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