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Hannah is our current “Tomorrow’s HR Talent” Apprentice, but before she started this program she actually started with the Nova team through an internship – read more about her and her experience below!


I was 6 months pregnant and heard that Nova Recruitment, a recruiting agency was looking for a summer intern for two months to help out around the office with administrative work. Immediately, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get my foot in the door! With only a couple months left until my daughter’s due date, Nova’s internship would expose me to recruitment, Cayman Islands Immigration services, payroll etc., even if it were only for a short time. In other words, I would finally have some human interaction and stop binge watching Netflix. There are only so many episodes of Great British Bake Off one can watch…or is there?

So how did I land the internship of my dreams you ask?

Well, to start I polished my resume, re-wrote my cover letter and sent it to dozens of companies, personalized accordingly for each position. After not receiving news from many of the companies on island I decided maybe let’s try a recruitment agency. So, I reached out to Nova as a candidate in hopes that they would be able to help me in my own job search. A meeting notification came into my inbox and I was thrilled! Nervous, but thrilled. I hadn’t even gotten the job yet, or even had a job in sight but someone answered my email…this was progress!!

The morning of, I woke up early, put on a dress and heels (remember: I was quite pregnant then and heels are not a pregnant girl’s friend!!), prepared my notebook with a few follow up questions and planned to arrive 15 minutes early to my meeting. I was prepared; I knew if I spoke with confidence and demonstrated my passion for HR, I would make a good impression and they would remember me.

Fast forward to a few phone calls, two in-person meetings, and many follow up emails later, I received an email stating that I had been offered the Recruitment Administrator Intern position!

So what can you learn from my experience?

Like I experienced, it may take more than one application to get you your dream job, so don’t feel disheartened if you were not chosen this time, rather go back and look over your work. Check to see if there was something you could have improved on.

Nova’s ‘Be The One’ campaign can help you along the way making sure that you are making star applications and representing the best version of yourself. Should you be interested in learning more, please get in contact with one of the Nova Team for a careers advice session at

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