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After searching for months, you finally landed your internship! Now what?

There are countless benefits of doing an internship – not only will you be learning about a potential future career, you’ll be gaining valuable transferable skills and you never know you might even land a job.

Here are 8 things you must do to make the most out of your internship

Work hard

Go the extra mile and complete all your assignments with excellence and you’ll impress!

Network, network, network!!!

Connect with your co-workers on LinkedIn and Facebook and make as many connections as possible. Expanding your network is vital to success!

Volunteer for extra work

Have you finished all your tasks? Is it a slow period of the day? Ask for extra assignments. Supervisors love nothing more than someone who is genuinely interested and wants to help. This may help you get a full-time position!

Make notes for your future CV

The last thing you want to do is forget are all the awesome things you’re doing! Make a note of your accomplishments and update your CV as you go.

Ask for recommendations

You may be the only intern or one of a bunch. If you ask for a recommendation while you’re working, you and your amazing work will be fresh in their minds!

Learn from your co-workers

Observing your supervisors and co-workers will help you understand how to effectively accomplish your goals. Also, get to know them! It’s nice to build a good relationship with the people you work with every day.

Use your intern access

As an intern you are a “visitor” in the office, but that doesn’t mean act like one. Take advantage of the meetings and access to all the information in front of you. Ask to attend higher level meetings to understand the how things run, and decisions are made.

Stay in touch!

It’s an easy way to keep your name fresh in their minds, when hiring in the future. And you may want a reference from them and even if this internship wasn’t really your style or place of work you would want to return to, making connections can always lead to more opportunities!


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