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It’s a silent language which remains on a subconscious level but your body language can speak volumes about you without you even being aware of it.

It is likely that if you have a strong CV you may well land an interview for your dream job but your chances could be wasted with weak body language even if you have polished up your verbal skills. It is said that a first impression is made within the first three to seven seconds and a first impression is very difficult to overcome so here are a few tips on good body language when attending an interview:

  • Try to sit up straight, if you slouch in your chair it can suggest to the interviewer that you are bored, tired and not bothered about the interview. Instead, sit up straight, plant your feet squarely on the floor and make eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Do not fold your arms across your chest, this posture can look quite defensive and can look as though you aren’t interested in the conversation.
  • Try not to fidget, wiggling your foot or shaking a leg can appear that you are nervous and uncomfortable.
  • If you point your feet towards the door or lean in that direction can suggest that you are in a hurry to leave and want the interview to end.
  • At the interview look the person in the eyes when introducing yourself and firmly shake the interviewers hand, try not to sit down before the person conducting the interview does.
  • Do not invade the interviewers personal space, in most cases there will be a desk in front of you but if not around three feet away is comfortable for most people.
  • When responding to an interview question speak directly to the person who asked the question, if there are a few people in the room, glance at them briefly but always return back to the questioner before ending your response.


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