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Do you think about a management role within your company, but one question keeps nagging: Are you ready to step up? 

You feel secure in your role and know you have produced consistent results.  Within your current position, you have forged strong bonds of trust with your colleagues.  Although you are proud of your accomplishments, does this mean you are ready to move up the corporate ladder?

Ask yourself these questions to help you through the twists and turns of entering the realm of management.

Do you have the patience to help others?

Becoming a manager means that you are going to become the go-to person for questions and queries in your team.  Are you ready to help?  Or do you see the continued interruptions as an annoyance in your workday?  How will you react?

If this does not sound like your cup of tea, then perhaps you are not ready to step up to guide others.  But if you relish the opportunity to help others learn and grow, maybe there is a management role suited for you.

Can you give up some of your control?

You may be asking yourself “If I am the manager, then why am I giving up control?  Do I not get more power?”  Yes, you do, but the manager title does not give you carte blanche to boss everyone around.  Managing a team involves releasing some control by trusting your direct reports that things are getting done correctly.

You are accountable for what your team produces, but you need to delegate and trust your team to empower others.

Do you enjoy collaborating with others?

You should be excited about heading into a brainstorming session rather than thinking of it as a chore.  Team meetings are a highlight, where collaboration flows.  As a manager, you will have more and more meetings and regular check-ins with your team and other supervisors and team leaders; you should enjoy this collaboration time.

A large chunk of your workweek will be away from your desk and often spent working with others.  Does this sound like a disaster?  Perhaps now is not the right time to move up.

Are you a problem solver?

As a manager, people expect to use you as a resource, especially those that work below you.  Are you already treated as the go-to person within your firm?  To be a strong manager, you need to be able to go beyond identifying problems; you need to be able to provide solutions and collaborate with others to do so.  Problem-solving indicates that you are ready to formalize your leadership role.

Everyone knows you roll up your sleeves when a problem or challenge arises.  You are motivated to solve an issue rather than pass the buck. If this is you, then you are not only ready to be a good manager but a great one.

Do you love to celebrate other’s successes? 

How do you feel when someone in your company achieves a significant win?  Jealous or celebrating?  If you are the one organizing the celebration, then it is a reliable sign that you are more than ready to step up to that management role.

Remember, if one of your team members fails, you have also failed!  But if one of your team members has a win, you do too!

Are you invested in the growth and development of others? 

Successful managers should want to see their team grow by championing development opportunities throughout their careers.  Your team members will be ready and confident when it’s their time to step up the corporate ladder.

As you develop your skills for that first jump into management, you may want to think about the different management-style questions you could be asked at an interview.  Reviewing these ahead of time will stand you in good stead for that first leap of faith.  


It can be challenging to tell if you are ready to become a manager.  It’s a step up, more responsibility, and you need to be confident that you will do a great job.  If you can identify with these six questions, it will help you decide if you are ready for a new exciting and demanding role.

A final thought, every manager must take that first step into managing people, and someone has to give them that opportunity in the first place. 

Are you looking for a new opportunity and interested in moving into a management position?  At Nova, we constantly look to place candidates in management roles.  Reach out to our team at Nova for more information.  Email or call 1 345 623 1029 to arrange a confidential chat about your move up the corporate ladder. 



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