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Technology is always changing and the ways we’re used to doing things are constantly being innovated, and job searching is no different!

Competition in the employment market is stiff at the moment, so it’s more important than ever to stand out – this article goes through some of the technologies on the market at the moment (some free, some not) that can help you to do just that!

To really understand how tech is innovating the job search, you need to also read our post on technology for hiring because that will help understand what is being used to find you!

Top Technology for Job Hunters


Jobscan is a mind-blowing, game-changing online tool that was born as a result of a job seeker’s frustration and is a technology that aims to help you have a resume that stands out of the crowd to get your resume to the top of the yes pile.

Jobscan analyzes a job description to your resume and pulls out the keywords to see which ones are missing from your resume and gives you tips on what keywords you should mention to better tailor to the job in question in an easy-to-read comparison. It shows the top skills from the job description as well as the frequency of keywords compared to your resume, you can even click on a skill to see the context in which it’s used in the job description!

Job Scan skills comparison of job description with resume

Jobscan even has a LinkedIn optimization that you can use to see how well your profile on LinkedIn stacks up to jobs you’re interested in, which brings us to the next tech tool you should be using – LinkedIn!


If you’re a job seeker actively on the hunt for a new role, you should be using LinkedIn to your advantage. So, what are some of the best ways to optimize your profile and usage of the site?

  1. Make the most of the experience section – Think of the experience section as a bigger, better, more interactive version of your resume, highlight your job responsibilities that align with your brand and that have the keywords needed to stand out.
  2. Ask your connections for endorsements and recommendations – there’s nothing better for a recruiter than seeing you’re highly recommended for the exact job they’re currently hiring for!
  3. Follow companies and pages of interest – This keeps you updated on company news, which may include new openings!
  4. Set your profile to let recruiters know that you’re open to new opportunities – This can only be seen by users with the specialized recruiter profile, so don’t worry not everyone will know you’re looking.
  5. Apply for jobs and learn about ideal skillsets – LinkedIn isn’t just a networking site, companies can advertise roles on LinkedIn that you can apply directly to, even if you aren’t successful or ready for that level of role this can be really insightful from a careers advice standpoint as it will show you the skills they are looking for and let you know which your profile shows you as a match to and which maybe you need to build on still.

We have a blog just for optimizing your LinkedIn profile, check it out if you’re new to the site or if your profile maybe needs a little extra TLC to stand out.

Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows is a bit different, it is actually a personality AI app that analyzes millions of online data points from an individual’s online profile to identify personality. It sounds a little out there, but we’ve tested it on the Nova team members here and have to say it is eerily accurate!

So why exactly is that useful? Crystal will give you tips and tricks on how to communicate with a person like you’ve known them for years – this helps to arm you with insight that is invaluable when it comes to an interview and allows you to communicate more effectively and build trust faster with new people.

Crystal Knows profile breakdown

For instance, does your interviewer appreciate details? If yes, you might cut down on the small chat and dive into the numbers of how you created efficiencies in your most recent job and how that lead to an increase in ROI. Or is your interview someone who is expressive, warm and open when interacting? If yes, instead of diving into the numbers you may be more likely to impress by telling stories and examples of your expertise from the past.

Email trackers – Hubspot

Have you ever sent your resume in for a position via email and then wanted to send a followup but weren’t sure when to do just that? Email trackers like Hubspot allow you to track your email so that you can see if/when your application email has been opened.

This allows you to accurately and efficiently time your follow-up to send after you know your profile has been reviewed.


Grammarly is a lifesaver and can mean the difference between a good resume and a great one! Imagine spending hours and hours perfecting your resume, getting all the skills and keywords right and you did manual spellcheck but didn’t pick up on the little grammatical mistake in your opening summary? That one line can sometimes be enough to put another applicant with the same background and skills higher up the rankings due to their perceived high level of attention to detail.

Grammarly spelling correction app

Grammarly is here to help and stop this from happening! You can upload your resume and cover letter and Grammarly will scan it and let you know areas of improvement so that when you send your profile out, it is of the highest standards.

Technology is making everything we know around us more efficient, don’t let your job search be any different! Let us know how you’re using tech to help in your search, or if you find success using any of these tips!


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