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Our one-on-one services are available and tailored for individuals of all ages and at different stages of their careers who are looking to develop themselves further in the Cayman Islands. We offer free and impartial information, advice, and guidance to help with decisions about careers, courses, and professional development.

1.  Further Education

Connect by Nova has the market knowledge to help individuals choose a strong course of study that not only meets the talent demand in Cayman but will fit the unique abilities and personalities of each individual.

2. Recent Graduates

Connect by Nova provides expert advice, helping students to plan their next steps after they leave school and prepare to enter the workforce. Our advisor works in partnership with our corporate sponsors to identify apprenticeships, internships, and entry-level positions that are available on-island that may be suitable.

3. Looking for Work

Searching for a job can be daunting; our career advisor is here to help guide individuals on potential careers, where to find suitable positions, what qualifications they’ll need, how to present themselves as the best candidate for the job, and what to expect on their first day.

4. Returning to Work

Connect by Nova will help candidates to plan and prepare an appropriate career action plan to get individuals back into the workforce and into a job that’s right for them. By identifying strengths, skills, and areas of interest we work with candidates to help them in the right direction.

5. Facing Redundancy

Connect by Nova works with individuals at all stages of their careers. When faced with redundancy, individuals have the opportunity to reconsider what to do next, and our career advisor is here to help advise them and develop a career action plan to do so.