2022 Salary Guide


Download our 2022 Cayman Islands Compensation Insights and Employment Outlook Guide

For businesses, leaders and employees, the last two years has changed everything. Essentially every aspect of day-to-day operations has been affected or evolved, especially recruitment and retention strategy. From how companies attract new talent, to the increasing pressures of the skills gap and the looming threat of the ‘great resignation’ – the entire hiring life cycle has been disrupted.

New COVID-19 variants are prolonging the uncertainty of the past two years, creating a host of things to consider as both an employee and an employer — fortunately, our 2022 outlook is here to help. We hope this report gives you some insight into the market as we see it today and will help you decide the next steps in your business planning or careers.

Download our 2022 Cayman Islands Compensation Insights and Employment Outlook Guide

An Inside Look at Salary & Recruitment Trends in Cayman

Our data and forecasts are based on job placements we make every day as a professional recruitment agency. Our on-the-ground knowledge of employment market conditions across the Cayman Islands means we’re often the first to see where salaries and benefits packages are headed. That gives you a leg up as you plan hiring budgets or look at your personal status in the coming year!

Top 3 Changes Prompted by Working During COVID-19



More frequent communication from leadership

Business Priorities


Greater transparency into business priorities

Innovation and Technology


Greater investment in innovation and technology

Top Recommendations to Employers in 2022


TIP #1

Focusing on mental health & wellness benefits are an advantage in retaining and attracting top talent.

Flexible Work Arrangements

TIP #2

Flexible work arrangements are a ‘must have’ for job searchers in 2022.

Career Advancement

TIP #3

Stay ahead of the ‘Great Resignation’ by offering career advancement opportunities.

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