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Continuous learning is what Rita Estevanovich is striving for as the 2019 Nova ‘Love Your Future’ Scholarship recipient. She is continuing to develop her career in performing arts by studying a Master of Fine Arts in Actor-Performer Training in the UK.

Acting class black and white photo

My Learning Journey:

Returning to school had long been a desire of mine. With support from friends, family and my community (Nova included!), I made the journey to the UK in the fall of 2019 to pursue a Master’s degree in acting and performance at Rose Bruford College.

What an incredible challenge this has been! I have had to answer difficult life questions these past few months, plus set aside years of stage experience in an effort to be ’empty’, to be open to new possibilities, discoveries, and approaches to what I felt at ease with. And yet, this is what I came for – to grow, to see things anew, with fresh eyes and to truly commit to my personal and professional growth and push myself towards continuous learning.


Learning performance art

Never Stop Learning:

What I have been reminded of is how necessary it is to sharpen one’s tools to move forward, to expand one’s knowledge of self and life generally.

There are so many moments of feeling fearful, doubtful, lost… but likewise, there are moments of peace, joy, and hope! All in all, I am grateful for being able to learn from masters in the field, who themselves continue to educate themselves so that they may continue their own development. My peers all bring gifts that bring energy to our daily sessions, and this too, makes me thankful.

I wish all those continuing their studies a successful year measured by spiritual growth and to those pondering the possibility, you have nothing to lose, only gain. Never stop learning!

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” – Socrates

For more information about the Nova ‘Love Your Future’ Scholarship please reach out to to find out about our 2020 application and intake!


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